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Supermoney, best

of fiat & crypto

  • Cash & Noncash
  • Global
  • Independent

  • 100% Gold-Backed
  • Own Blockchain
  • Legit


Golden is the name of real money that will be used both as crypto for blockchain transactions and as fiat money for everyday use. You will be able to open Golden bank accounts, make wire transfers between companies, use it with your VISA or even for cash transactions!


  • Cash
  • Electronic Payments
  • Wire Transfers



  • Bank (Global Network)
  • Fiat & Crypto Exchange
  • Gold Vault
  • ATMs
  • Banks Cards
  • POS Terminals


  1. Stable, reliable and transparent money. Gold-backed. Using blockchain. Perfect payment and investment tool
  2. Non-national and non-politicized. The emissions are done not by governments, and not in favour of any government
  3. Convenient money. Independent modern infrastructure (ATMs, cards, etc.). Easy payments and conversion into crypto and fiat money
  4. Cash and electronic payments. Anonymity and universality of use (in any place of the world)


  1. Lack of asset-based money in the world. There is no country in the world that has 100% assets-based currency
  2. Lack of independent legal money. All currencies depend on political and economic situation of the country where they are issued
  3. Lack of inflation-free money. Examples of hyperinflation show the possibility of up to 98% per day inflation
  4. Crypto currencies do not fulfill the function of money. Due to volatility, lack of cash usage, legal status, etc


  • Public Control
  • Blockchain
  • Custodian, Auditor
  • Gold Vault
  • Gold


global and local payments

  • online bank and phone app
  • fiat & crypto exchange integrated
  • global low-cost real-time payments
  • multicurrency account
  • currency-agnostic payments
  • real-time low-cost fiat & crypto currency exchange


currency exchange

  • low-cost, fast blockchain technologies
  • Golden-fiat, fiat-fiat, Golden-crypto, crypto-crypto exchange
  • any currency exchange for Golden bank users, without need of registration
  • best way automatic exchange of non-directly trading pairs
  • advanced trading tools


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Golden Currency Concept
Public Announcement
Public discussion and finalization of the project. Website. White Paper. Seed round. The project team development
Tokens in 3 months are traded on cryptoexchanges
First Emission
The first emission of the first global private currency Golden


Additional emissions. Global presence (banking network). Golden becomes a global currency and a number of countries recognize Golden as a reserve currency
Project Start
Primary legal, technical and other analysis. White Paper first draft
Legal Issues

Establishment of the final legal scheme, taken into consideration the possibility of tokens legalization as securities and ICO. Identification of the key project partners and terms of cooperation. Currency design
The bank opening
The first branch of Golden Bank is opened
The launch of the banking network, currency exchange, and their integration. Development of infrastructure (ATMs, multi-currency bank cards, etc.)


Pre-ICO round end
16 July 2018
Bonus for pre-ICO round participants
15-25%, special terms for the purchase of 100.000 $ +
Payment method
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, etc.
Cost of 1 token PGCT
Token technology PGCT
ERC20 token based on Ethereum


  • PGCT is VIP token of Golden Currency, providing its owner unique opportunities and advantages
  • Free ICO token for each PGCT
  • Free Golden banknotes backed by gold for each PGCT at the time of the first issuance (details on the number of PGCT for one free Golden is provided in White Paper)
  • After the first Golden emission PGCT will become a discount token, providing the following opportunities: а) to buy Golden in the amount of PGCT tokens at each Golden issuance with discount from 5%, b) to get VIP services, discounts for using Golden infrastructure, c) other priviliges


  • Legal opinions and legal infrastructure development
  • ICO PR campaign
  • Current project financing (Golden Exchange, blockchain technologies development, etc.)


Igor Chekun
CEO, Founder
Lev Voronov
Paul Glover
Advisor, Ithaca Hours Founder
Naviin Kapoor
Advisor, Blockchain
Andrei Lipkin
Advisor, Golden Design and Issuance
Willow Liu
Country Manager China
Quentin Herbrecht
Country Manager France
Joylin Telagen
Country Manager Philippines
Dean Harry
Country Manager Australia
Kamal Mustafa
Country Manager India
Hendra Kholis
Country Manager Indonesia
Sayed Ahmed
Country Manager Arab Countries
Nguyen Vo
Country Manager Vietnam
Ali Inanir
Country Manager Turkey
Juarez Weiss
Country Manager Portugal
Giuseppe Balsio
Country Manager Italy


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Golden Currency?

Golden Currency is the first fully functional private currency for cash and non-cash payments (100% backed by gold), as well as a convenient modern infrastructure for its use based on blockchain. In other words, a legal, independent, modern analogue of existing Central Banks and their infrastructure is being created.

What is the difference between Golden and ordinary fiat money (traditional currency)?

Golden - will be the only currency in the world, 100% backed by gold. In addition, it will be non-national, it will not depend on political or economic situation of any particular state, but will have a number of other advantages. Due to its reliability and all other advantages, Golden can become one of the leading world currencies.

What is the difference between Golden and crypto currency?

Golden uses the advantages and technologies of crypto-currencies. Also, Golden infrastructure will provide a convenient link between crypto-currency and Golden. But at the same time, it is not a crypto currency and will have the same regulation as any fiat money.

Can the Golden owner exchange it for gold?

Yes, sure. The ability to exchange Golden for gold, in our opinion, is one of the most important elements of ensuring the reliability of the currency. Therefore, special attention is paid to maximizing the reliability of gold storage and the possibility of getting gold bullions in exchange for Golden. Detailed terms for such an exchange will be presented in the emission memorandum of the currency, there may be restrictions on the minimum volume of gold to exchange, as well as the commission for exchange.

How can I check the availability of gold in vaults?

An important element of reliability is ensuring the most reliable and transparent storage of gold reserves. The following will be used to achieve it: a) diversification of gold storage, b) establishing an independent legal structure that ensures the storage, audit and management of the gold reserve, c) use of blockchain for gold control and management, d) attracting the world's largest auditors for systematic inventory audit, e) attracting the wide community to additionally control the gold reserves (for example, it is examined an opportunity of using the DAO, decentralized autonomous organization, and attracting investors and owners of Golden to an additional independent participation in such a control).

Who will use Golden?

Individuals - will use Golden as money, as a means of payment and savings, with a passive income from the growth of the exchange value of gold. Investors - will use Golden as a hedging tool used to diversify the portfolio. Cryptotraders - will use Golden to fix their rates of crypto-assets, when the market is volatile, and to enter back the market later, with minimal commissions. E-commerce, legal entities and private individuals - will use Golden as a means of payment for goods and services, especially convenient for cross-border transactions. Contracts can be fixed in Golden, as an understandable, stable and reliable currency. To governments of emerging countries, unrecognized states - as a transitional, stable currency.

Where is it planned to use blockchain?

Blockchain is a key element of project decentralization, reliability and transparency. It will be used in many elements of the system, including: the cryptofiat currency exchange, the transactions of the Golden bank,the supervisory board representation of the token owners, control of the management and storage of gold reserves, etc.

What will be established as the result of the project?

In addition to the Golden currency issuance, the Golden Bank will be established with the infrastructure for receiving and transferring money (ATMs, POS terminals, bank cards, etc.), a platform for storing, managing and controlling the gold reserve, a pltform for exchanging currencies (cryptofiat currency exchange).

How does Golden Currency plan to monetize?

The main revenues of the project will come from issuance commission - seigniorage (as a percentage of each issued Golden), profit from infrastructure activities (banking, currency exchange, etc.)

What is the crowdfunding for?

The goal of the crowdfunding campaign is to finance the issuance of the world's first private currency Golden, to create the necessary infrastructure for its development on the market.

Who are the founders of the project?

The project is initiated and developed by the experienced team in implementation and management of large projects. The founders are: Chekun Igor. Background. Head of the private equity fund with a portfolio of 1.1 billion USD and 16 years of experience in investment companies and projects, including the projects with participation of Microsoft, Adobe, etc. Voronov Lev. Background. Head of financial and industrial groups, 26 years of experience in managing large enterprises and infrastructure projects. In the past, the founder of a metal mining and automotive industry group.

How can I exchange or sell tokens?

After the end of the crowdfunding campaign within 3 months it is planned to add tokens to the popular currency exchanges, where they can be sold at a market rate.

Is it legal to issue a private currency?

The founders of the project have chosen the way to establish a completely legal system, with legal and transparent currency. The issuance of private currencies was previously popular in many countries, for example, in the US. There are also current examples of private currencies. The currency will be issued in a jurisdiction that allows the legal issuance of such money.